our standards
  • We will manage the quality actually visited the manufacturing plant.
  • We will continue to add daily improved quality and design as opposed to simply import the existing products.
  • We will the quality control of parts to eliminate defective at the time of local manufacturing plant.
  • We will do the quality control of the finished product by performing in Japan, the final inspection and assembly of the finished product.
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You can be purchased on the Internet our products.

To supply our dealers, various online sales routes have been established. When the user sees the U-Kanaya brand, they will recognize the technology that has been poured into each product, and a relationship of trust will be established between the customer and the brand. You will believe it when you see it.


Why Choose U-KANAYA

In this modern age, with increasing information and products, it is difficult to select what one wants. We thought about fusing the experiences, ideas, and history of one person in our product development. That person, Kanaya Hideo, left a brilliant performance in the 1970 Japan WGP. After finishing his career, he began to develop many motorcycle-related parts, utilizing his racing experience. Youth have been attracted to his personality and his racing experience, and he has in turn supported their racing activities. In our product development and prototype testing, we have also received the advice of Mr. Kanaya.


Hideo Kanaya (Shinjitai: 金谷 秀夫 Hideo Kanaya), (February 3, 1945 – December 19, 2013)

He was a Grand Prix motorcycle road racer from Japan. Kanaya began his Grand Prix career in 1967 and won his first Grand Prix at the 1972 250cc German Grand Prix. In 1972, Kanaya and Jarno Saarinen raced the first four-cylinder, two-stroke Yamaha TZ 500 in the 500cc world championship. After Saarinen's death in the 250cc race at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, the TZ 500 project was put aside and Kanaya raced only in the 250cc class. Kanaya's best season was in 1975, when he finished third in the 500cc world championship behind his Yamaha team-mate, Giacomo Agostini and MV Agusta's Phil Read.[2] He also won the Macau Grand Prix in 1975. (Reference Wikipedia)