Aluminium  Billet  Levers  Retractable  Type


Aluminium Billet Levers Retractable Type

This product has been detailed and precision made by the management of U-Kanaya Inc. It is a U-kanaya original. The lever is normally bolted, but when a force is applied to it at the time of a sudden fall, a structure allows the lever to espace upward. Made from a 6061 alluminum alloy, the lever is set with excellent strength and corrosion resistance. Through precise machine processing, it has a luxurious feel and a classy finish. The seven color TYPE-R lever is slit-shaped to avoid wind pressure on the end porition. The shape of the power lever is especially recommended for those with weak grip strength. The lever end part has been changed from the convential style to a more sporty style. The handle bar`s crowded grip contact has also been reduced. By placing a slit in the handle margin Sea protected structure, it is harder than the conventional type to lose during the fall time. Due to the genuine type, mounting is easy. The lever is approximately the same length as the genuine lever. Just in case parts are damaged in an accident, an extra supply of parts are also available.

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Lever detail


Retractable Type Lever detail

GP Type Lever detail