Aluminium Billet Levers GP Type


Aluminium Billet Levers GP Type

This product has been precision-machined to detail under the management of U-KANAYA Inc.It is the original product of U-KANAYA Corporation.
Aluminum billet lever set with excellent high strength and corrosion resistance Using a 6061 aluminum alloy.It has become a classy finish Precise Machining full. 7 colors TYPE-R lever is shaped slit to miss the wind pressure on the lever end portion is entered. It is recommended especially to those with weak force because it is the power lever shape. Change from the type of conventional lever-end unit, directing the sporty. Of the handle bar end when crowded grip of the lever to change the shape of the lever end ball to reduce the contact. By placing a slit in the handle margin Sea protected structure It has a structure that lever itself is difficult to lose than during the fall time than the conventional type.Because the pure exchange type, mounting is easy.Lever is approximately the same length as the genuine lever.Supply of parts damaged by accident part is also available.

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